Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black Rental

  • MSRP $117,700
  • 4.0L V8 Biturbo
  • 496hp
Starting At $599 Plus Tax


Are you seeking a remarkable driving experience? There is nothing more thrilling than driving a Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black. At BluStreet Exotic Car Rentals, we offer this exceptional vehicle brimming with high-end specifications, ensuring you a top-notch luxury ride. The Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black, coupled with the unmatched services we offer is a sure-fire way to make a statement in the esteemed Hamptons.

Our Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black boasts an impressive 4.0L V8 Biturbo engine that delivers an unthinkable 496 Horsepower. When you conjure up thoughts of extreme power, luxury, and superior driving experience, the S580 should be right at the forefront. Apart from delivering an exhilarating performance, its triple black colour exudes an aura of elegance, beauty, and mystery. The delight of driving in this machine is unmatched, and its aesthetic appeal is sure to turn heads and draw admiring glances everywhere you go.

What sets BluStreet Exotic Car Rentals apart from other luxury rental car services is not just our enviable fleet of high-end luxury cars, but the diverse set of services we offer. Besides self-drive options which are ideal for those seeking personal, exciting driving experiences, we also offer corporate exotic car rental services. Impress your clients or celebrate team achievements with a ride in our Mercedes Benz S580. Our event exotic car rentals are perfect for special occasions, ensuring you make an unforgettable entrance and exit.

Are you planning a wedding, music video, or photoshoot in the Hamptons? BluStreet has you covered with our special wedding, music video, and photoshoot exotic car rentals. Imagine the captivating image of a bride arriving in the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black, or the car featuring as a luxury star in your next big music video or photoshoot. We add a layer of class and sophistication to these important moments, ensuring your experience is as memorable as possible.

At BluStreet Exotic Car Rentals, our purpose extends beyond just providing our customers with luxury cars. We aspire to enrich your overall experience, offering a touch of sophistication, thrill, and unforgettable memories. The Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black is more than just a car; it’s a lifestyle, a statement, and a symbol of luxury. Rent with BluStreet today and experience the pleasure of driving an exceptional exotic car while enjoying world-class service right here in the Hamptons.

Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black Rental Requirements

Renter must be 21 and older

Must Have a Valid Drivers License

Must Have Valid matching Insurance

Customer Feedback

What our customers say about their experience

Rented the Mercedes Benz S580 for a corporate event in the Hamptons from BluStreet. The vehicle was in superb condition, matching the brand sophistication we sought. Their service was quick, professional and exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend BluStreet’s exotic cars for corporate matters.

Google Review

Rented BluStreet’s Mercedes for my wedding. The ‘Triple Black’ added a classy touch, making our day extra special. Loved BluStreet’s professional and efficient service. Will definitely choose them for future events.

Google Review

Used BluStreet’s S580 Triple Black for my music video shoot. The car was the perfect touch of luxury and style needed. The crew at BluStreet were exceptionally helpful. I highly recommend their exotic car rentals, especially for creative works like music videos or photoshoots.

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*Free Shuttle Available from Deer Park Train Station for Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black Rentals*

Frequently Asked Questions For Renting a Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black

Get answers to questions from other Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black rental customers

What are the requirements to rent the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black from BluStreet Exotic Car Rentals?

To rent any of our exotic cars, including the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black, customers should have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card for reservation and security deposit purposes. The driver must be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record. It is also recommended to have personal auto insurance coverage that extends to our rental vehicle during the rental period.

Renting an exotic car from BluStreet is designed to be a simple and straightforward process. Our team is committed to ensuring an excellent customer experience. Hence, we would be more than happy to walk you through all the requirements and help make your dream of driving luxurious cars like the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black, a reality.

How much does it cost to rent the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black?

The cost to rent the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black varies depending on the season and the rental duration. We offer competitive prices to ensure our customers get the best value. Charges are usually on a daily basis, but we also offer discounted rates for longer rental periods.

We recommend visiting our website or contacting our rental office directly for the most accurate quote. We consistently offer the best prices in the competitive exotic car rental market in Hamptons. We also have an array of special discounts and packages for our loyal customers to take advantage of.

Can I use the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black for photoshoots or music videos?

Absolutely. Our exotic car rental service extends to diverse needs, including photoshoots and music videos. We understand that such ventures require a unique touch of luxury, and the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black is an excellent fit for such occasions.

To better accommodate your needs, please provide all relevant details regarding the shoot during booking. This way we can ensure that all terms of use are expressly understood and agreed upon. Our priority is the safety and condition of our exotic cars, even whilst providing an unforgettable experience.

Are there any mileage restrictions when renting the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black?

Our rental agreement does usually contain a mileage limit. This limit may, however, vary depending on the specific circumstances of your rental, such as the length of your rental period. Please note that excess mileage could be charged as an additional cost.

We understand that part of the enjoyment of renting an exotic car is the freedom to explore. Therefore, we always ensure to maintain reasonable mileage limits that offer our clients plenty of driving pleasure. Specifics on mileage limits will be discussed during your booking process.

What happens if the Mercedes Benz S580 Triple Black gets damaged during my rental period?

At BluStreet Exotic Car Rentals, we understand that accidents happen. Should a mishap occur resulting in damage to the Mercedes Benz S580 during your rental period, your auto insurance policy may cover the necessary repair costs. In cases where your insurance does not provide coverage, the security deposit may be used towards repairing any damage.

It is vital to immediately report any damage to BluStreet. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and are always ready to assist you. While we love our fleet, we also understand the value of our clients’ comfort and safety. Thus, we always strive to work with customers to bear the situation and facilitate the necessary solution.

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