Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need to rent?

To rent a vehicle you will need the following:

– must be 21 years or older
– must have a valid driver’s license
– must have valid matching insurance
– must have a credit card on file

If license and insurance do not match proof of address will be needed.
Renters under 21 with the above criteria will be subject to an inexperienced driver rate increase specific to each vehicle.

Why is the price per day so high?

The rental market varies state to state. Being in the densely populated tristate area the accident rate
is higher than most states, in addition to the lackluster road conditions.

Why is the Deposit so high?

Normally damages go beyond what you physically see on the surface, and most of the time the
deposit still doesn’t cover that cost for repairs.

Do I need Insurance? Do you sell insurance?

Yes, to rent our cars you need a personal insurance policy. No, New York does not allow companies to sell insurance on cars valued above 60k.

What kind of coverage is needed to rent with you?

Liability coverage: 100,000/300,000 for Bodily Injury, and 100,000 for property damage. As well as full coverage: comprehensive and collision coverages

Do you offer delivery or pick up?

Yes, we offer delivery/pick-up options at an additional cost per trip, during peak and off-peak hours.
The full security deposit must be paid in full prior to any vehicle leaving the lot. Payments can be made
on delivery for the balance owed on the rental days. Peak hours will require an additional $200.
Peak hours: Monday – Friday, 2:00PM – 6:00PM. Saturday and Sunday: all day
Off-Peak hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00AM – 2:00PM
The fee is based on location as follows:

Suffolk County, NY – $100, Nassau County, NY – $150, Queens – $200, Brooklyn – $250, Bronx – $300,

Staten Island – $300, New Jersey (within 5 miles of bridge) – $350, New Jersey (all others) – $400

All deliveries carry a 30-minute grace period for lateness. At the 31 st minute there will be a $50 late fee charged. The $50 late fee will be assessed every 15 minutes thereafter until the 1-hour mark upon which the vehicle will be returned, and the security deposit will be withheld.

Can I use commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance does not cover rental cars, and therefore is not accepted as valid insurance.

Is there a fee for smoking?

No, its not a smoking fee it is an odor evidence fee, it includes: smoke odor from
weed/cigarettes/cigars/etc, smoking residue, crumbs, papers, remnants, particles, etc, as well as pet

How do extensions work?

Payment for extensions must be sent before the set return time. There is a grace period of 1-hour
after closing for payment to be received. At 10:01PM, if no payment is recorded the system will trigger a shutdown of the vehicle until the next business day begins at 9:00AM.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment: cash, debit card, credit card, cash app, and zelle.

Why do I need to leave a card on file if I have a cash Deposit?

Leaving a card on file ensures that you receive your Deposit back in FULL. If you do not leave a card
on file $300 will be held for and released after 15 business days for incidentals, including but not limited to tickets and/or violations that may have occurred during the duration of the rental period.

Can I take the car out of the state that I rented it from?

All out of state traveling needs to be signed off and approved by management. Prior consent will
include a customized milage package to avoid the additional mile overage fees. Management has the
ability to approve or deny any out of state travel requests as they see fit.

Do you have unlimited miles on your cars?

All our vehicles have an allotted milage limit per day. You can pre-purchase miles when making your
reservation at a discounted rate per mile.

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