Bentley Bentayga Rental

  • MSRP $263,000
  • 6.0 L twin-turbo W12
  • 626hp
Starting At $999 Plus Tax


Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime as you embark on a luxurious journey with BluStreet Hamptons and our Bentley Bentayga rental. This opulent masterpiece of British craftsmanship is the epitome of class and sophistication, delivering an unparalleled driving experience that will leave you breathless. Command the Hamptons’ roads with the Bentayga’s mighty 542-horsepower V8 engine, effortlessly fusing power and elegance into one extraordinary package.

The Bentley Bentayga’s presence is nothing short of mesmerizing, exuding grandeur and exclusivity with every mile. Its exquisite design features a distinctive matrix grille, flawless lines, and a statuesque silhouette that will make your heart race in anticipation. The lavish interior is equally remarkable, boasting sumptuous leather seats, bespoke finishes, and cutting-edge technology to ensure the ultimate comfort and convenience for all who indulge.

At BluStreet Hamptons, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional exotic car rental experience tailored to your needs. Our hassle-free process and unparalleled customer service make your Bentley Bentayga rental sublime. Whether it is a romantic getaway, family vacation, or extravagant event, the Bentley Bentayga from BluStreet Hamptons is the ideal luxury rental vehicle that transforms your journey into an unforgettable adventure.

Bentley Bentayga Rental Requirements

Renter must be 21 and older

Must Have a Valid Drivers License

Must Have Valid matching Insurance

Customer Feedback

What our customers say about their experience

I recently had the pleasure of renting the Bentley Bentayga from BluStreet Exotics in the Hamptons, and it was an extraordinary experience. The car exuded elegance and power, making for an unforgettable driving adventure. The staff was professional, personable, and knowledgeable, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free rental process. Their attention to detail and dedication to explaining the car’s features before I set off was appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend BluStreet Hamptons for a luxurious and exhilarating driving experience. 

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My experience renting the Bentley Bentayga from BluStreet Exotics in the Hamptons was phenomenal. The exotic rental car epitomizes luxury and performance, making my time in the Hamptons memorable. The BluStreet Exotics team was beneficial and accommodating, making the exotic car rental process a breeze. The luxury rental car was delivered promptly and immaculately, and the staff took the time to explain its features and address any questions I had thoroughly. I cannot recommend BluStreet Hamptons enough for anyone seeking a top-notch luxury car rental experience. 

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I recently rented the Bentley Bentayga from BluStreet Exotics in the Hamptons, and it was a spectacular experience. The exotic rental car was a stunner, boasting a captivating design and outstanding performance. The staff at BluStreet Exotics was professional and well-versed, making the exotic car rental process a breeze. I appreciated their commitment to demonstrating the exotic rental car’s features and answering my questions. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse BluStreet Hamptons for anyone seeking an unparalleled luxury car rental experience. 

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*Free Shuttle Available from Deer Park Train Station for Bentley Bentayga Rentals*

Frequently Asked Questions For Renting a Bentley Bentayga

Get answers to questions from other Bentley Bentayga rental customers

Can I rent the Bentley Bentayga from BluStreet Hamptons?

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with BluStreet Exotics’ selection of exotic vehicles. Step into opulence with the Bentley Bentayga – an SUV that combines performance and elegance. Reserve your exotic car rental today for a driving experience that will leave you breathless. Contact us now and discover the splendor of the Bentley Bentayga.

What are the rental rates for the Bentley Bentayga at BluStreet Hamptons?

At BluStreet Hamptons, we pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line luxury car rentals at competitive and customizable rates. Whether you’re looking to spend a weekend cruising in a Bentley Bentayga or need a longer-term rental for a special event, we can work with your schedule and budget to provide a personalized quote that meets your needs. Our team is dedicated to finding the perfect car rental for you. We’re always happy to collaborate to ensure you get precisely what you want. Don’t settle for less than the best – contact BluStreet Hamptons today to start planning your dream luxury car rental.

What is included in the Bentley Bentayga rental at BluStreet Hamptons?

Our Bentley Bentayga rental includes a full tank of fuel, convenient pickup and delivery services, and 24/7 roadside assistance for your peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about our exotic car rental options and packages. Let us assist you in selecting the perfect luxury vehicle for your adventure.

What is the minimum age requirement to rent the Bentley Bentayga from BluStreet Hamptons?

BluStreet Hamptons welcomes those who yearn for a touch of lavishness on their travels. Aspire to rent the distinctive Bentley Bentayga and adhere to our policy. You must be at least 21 and carry a valid driver’s license and insurance. If you have any queries about our regulations and requirements for hiring an exotic car, don’t hesitate to approach us. We have a courteous team of professionals who are always willing to help you select the ideal luxury rental vehicle per your needs and wishes.

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BluStreet Hamptons car rental services are available for all occasions, including corporate events, weddings, music videos, or for vacations and personal use. Whatever your exotic car rental needs and desires are, we help bring your dreams to life with the exotic car rental you've always wanted. Experience the power and thrill of driving throughout the Hamptons and Montauk with one of our exotic car rentals in Montauk, NY. At BluStreet Hamptons, you'll receive excellent customer service and an exotic car rental that is in impeccable condition.

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